[linux-audio-user] TiMidity++ and FluidSynth

Rocco linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Thu Dec 4 12:24:45 EST 2003

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003 01:17 pm, LinuxMedia wrote:

>> What I was referring to was being able to record what comes from SB
>> Live's Hardware Wavetable output (directly) to an audio file. So while
>> I'm triggering the sounds in the Hardware Wavetable (with My keyboard
>> controller), the output is not only being directed out to the speakers,
>> but I'm recording it directly to a WAV file (using ecasound) while I
>> play. This is done by enabling the "capture mode" on the "Music" slider
>> (in alsamixer). Press the "space bar" while the "Music" slider is
>> highlighted. You should see "CPTUR" above the "Music" slider. I've used
>> this approach to record the wavetable output with several recording
>> programs.

markc at renta.net wrote:

> So would this still apply, if say Timidity was in alsaseq mode with
> MusE playing back thru it, and ALSO using a keyboard at the same
> time aconnected to Timidity, that BOTH MusE putput and keyboard input
> could be recorded to a wav file via arecord and/or ecasound ?

What I did was loaded a file in MusE that had a "live" audio track and 
several midi tracks. The midi tracks (along with the keyboard that I was 
playing) was triggering Timidity... and Timidity is in alsaseq mode.

I had to enable "capture mode" on the "Wave" slider (in alsamixer). With 
the "Wave" slider in "capture mode", I was able to record everything 
that MusE was playing *and* what was coming out of the keyboard I was 

There's ways of seperating what gets recorded and what just gets played 
thru alsa (by selecting the right capture modes and adjusting the 
sliders). I don't remember how it all works though.

This is what I was saying about there being possible "hidden" advantages 
to the (many) capture modes and sliders in alsamixer. For instance, if I 
was playing a flash demo (in netscape), and enabled the capture mode on 
the Wave slider, would I be able to record the flash sound to a WAV 
file? If not, would there be a slider that would allow this "capturing" 
of the flash demo? I will bet anything that it would be the "Wave" slider.

There's so many sliders and I've messed with them in differnet 
occasions. There's a lot one can do with all that control. I'm just not 
sure *how* much. For instance, I've adjusted *just* the echo effect and 
lowered the "dry" sound (the original sound) from a file that was being 
played with ecasound by using the right combination of sliders in alsamixer.


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