[linux-audio-user] License free Linux ??

Andreas Kuckartz A.Kuckartz at ping.de
Thu Dec 4 14:44:48 EST 2003

On which pages do they do that?

I have visited their site and only found "License-free" hidden on this page:

The term "License-free" is not correct and they should correct that. But I
really do not think that this is a reason to threaten them with the Linux
Audio Users community.

I think it is great that they use Linux.


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> While browsing your site I noticed you are promoting your software as
> running on a license free Linux OS.
> You should be aware that Linux software is generally provided under two
> Licenses. The GNU Public License(GPL) and the Lesser GNU Public
> License(LGPL).
> It is a gross misrepresentation of the GPL/LGPL to mislead your
> customers into thinking they are buying a license free product.
> In the interests of promoting your goods fairly it is your obligation to
> inform your customers they are buying into the GNU Public License(GPL).
>   While Linux software is usually free as in beer and speech it is not
> license free.
> We are waiting for your action and response. Please be aware that many
> people read the LAU list which I have included in this post. Some of
> them even write articles for well known audio publications.
> Best regards.
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