[linux-audio-user] License free Linux ??

Gian Paolo Mureddu thetargos at tutopia.com
Thu Dec 4 17:50:05 EST 2003

Brian Redfern wrote:

>Well, it seems that people aren't buying, the only reason why he's
>selling audacity is that its cross platform, I actually don't think you'll
>see this sort of thing happen with linux only audio apps, because apps
>like audacity come built into all major distros. Also he's only charging
>$9, so its potentially arguable that he's just charging for the labor to
>burn a cd for someone, but what's more problematic is how he tries to
>re-brand, or attempts to make it look like his company has written the
>software, like he's selling openoffice, and calling it "Luminosity
>Office", that's a big problem, because its one thing to be a software
>distributor who sells software and src on cdrom (like redhat) and another
>to re-brand someone else's software and just sell re-branded binaries,
>that's stealing.
>But if you look at this case he's taking only the mac and windows versions
>of the software and then sells on cdrom for $10, but even at that price no
>one is buying. 
Sadly this same thing happens with the "Lindows OS". They rebranded some 
packages in their repositories making it a little bit confusing for 
veteran users, but the harm is done with new users who will think the 
original name is the changed one.

Taken from the December issue of Linux Journal.

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