[linux-audio-user] Looking to buy the ST Audio C-Port

Emiliano Grilli emiliano.grilli at poste.it
Fri Dec 5 03:49:30 EST 2003

martedì, 02 dicembre 2003 alle 16:52:24, Jan Depner ha scritto:
> It work's fine for audio.  I don't do MIDI so I wouldn't know about that
> part.

Audio is fine here too, MIDI outs are working, MIDI in is not working.
I have another MIDI in so I've not investigated deeply the problem (even
if I were capable of doing it :P ) but there are at least three people on
this list with the same problem. When we reach the "critical mass" we can
talk to ALSA developers to try to fix the problem. I'm not so technical
skilled unfortunately....
Apart from that, it's a great soundcard IMHO.

Best regards,
Emiliano Grilli
Linux user #209089 

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