[linux-audio-user] graphic MP3 editor

Rob lau at kudla.org
Fri Dec 5 15:39:15 EST 2003

On Friday 05 December 2003 13:44, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Rob wrote:
> >... anyone know of any graphical mp3 editors (as
> >in no reconversion except of changed frames) for Linux?  I've
> How about Maaate :
>     http://www.cmis.csiro.au/maaate/

Well, I don't see how to use Maaate or its GUI Bewdy as an mp3 
editor in the style of MP3 Editor.  I'm talking dead simple 
Audacity style interface, only you're looking at MPEG frame 
peaks and cutting on boundaries/fading in and out, simple things 
like that, and it saves the unmodified MPEG frames back out, 
recompressing the changed frames (through fading or whatever) on 
the fly.  I'd send a screenshot but for some reason they don't 
seem to exist.

There is a console MP3 cutter, "MPGEDIT" at 
http://www.mpgedit.org that looks like it might be wrappable by 
a GUI app like the one described above (they have a Tk thing 
called xmpgedit but it just works on index points like the 
command line and curses apps) but again, I haven't found the 
time to start working on that (maybe Maaate's visual analysis 
features would be good to reuse in such an app.)

However, your post did remind me of the existence of your sound 
apps page, and I went and looked and discovered mpcut, which 
looks and acts much like a stripped down Data Becker MP3 Editor. 
Of course, it hasn't been updated in about 3 years, has no 
fading, locks up for the duration of playback, and chokes on 
most of the mp3's I tried it on (guessing it has issues with 
VBR) but it does qualify in theory.


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