[linux-audio-user] How to get a list loaded soundfont ?

mutah mutah at libertysurf.fr
Sat Dec 6 05:39:28 EST 2003


I've got an audigy and I'm happy to be able to load soundfonts with 
sfxload from awesfx.

One thing I can't figure out to do is to display a list the loaded 

As  somebody  some  success about that ?

I'm asking this question because I'm writing a script to load soundfont 
map in my rosegarden project. I've managed to dump bank and instrument 
from a sf2 file (with help of sf2cfg) into rosegarden xml format, so I 
can choose the correct instrument for rosegarden midi tracks. (May be 
this script could be useful for fluidsynth user too)

Thanks fo any clue

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