[linux-audio-user] Video card and sound

Austin Acton aacton at yorku.ca
Sun Dec 7 12:52:08 EST 2003

> * First of all I want the video card to be quiet!
>   I do not need the fastest and hottest one...

I think you specifically said no on-board chips, but I just wanted to
stick up for the one I recently got.  It's an Intel 845.  It dynamically
allocates RAM so as not to waste it.  Performace is as good as my
NVidia, but with MUCH less hassle for setup and drivers.  It just
works.  XV, DRI, GL, 3D accel and all.  Very happy.  And no, no cooling

Perhaps also worth mentioning, the onboard audio (intel8x0) is
surprisingly good too.  Much better sound than previous onboard chips
(cmipci and via).  Also has SPDIF.  Unfortunately, although it supports
MIDI, there is no connector on the board for it.

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