[linux-audio-user] Re: Firewire, what's the story?

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Mon Dec 8 06:20:19 EST 2003

Oh my!

I wonder what the price for one of these would amount to...

(Though the site is very hard to navigate, seems some things are IE only, I 
sent them a mail.)


Saturday 06 December 2003 17.26 skrev Robert Jonsson:
> Hi,
> I recently read about the new MotU 828mkII (Firewire 8in/8out interface).
> This sparked a enewed interest in Firewire and I looked around for other
> interfaces. I found the Presonus Firestation (among others), it that seemed
> to be very good value for money. (the MotU ain't bad either, but a bit on
> the expensive side.)
> A laptop + such an interface would in may opinion make a great pair!
> So, does anyone have a clue if any of these are likely to work under linux
> anytime soon?
> The Firestation seems to use mLAN, I know I've seen talk about it here
> before. I have no idea whether mLAN would make the chances better or worse
> ;).
> /Robert

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