[linux-audio-user] Re: Is the Linux desktop really here ?

Gustavo Zamorano S. gzsuniq at cableonda.net
Mon Dec 8 12:16:08 EST 2003

Some HP devices I have working fine with Linux are:

- HP Deskjet 500:  It works fine after more than 11 years of daily printing.

- HP Scanjet 5200C:  It is now connected via a USB port.  It works fine 
as a copier or a scanner.

- HP Officejet V40:  HP made drivers for it.  HP is now committed to 
Linux.  HP is making Linux drivers for everything.

- It works fine as a copier and scanner.
- It prints very well both color and B&W.
- It does not work as a fax sender/receiver (from the PC) yet  ( 
Winmodem???).  You can send/receive faxes manually.

HP Deskjet 692C:  It was printing very well in color and B&W.  It is 
broken.  I sent to a local HP representative to have it fixed... It is 
still broken.

I have also been able to see images and videos directly from a HP 
digital camera connected to the USB port and mounted as a scsi hard disk.

I also have a 128MB Immation Mini disk ( key disk) that plugs in to the 
USB port as a scsi disk also.

Another USB devices:  my Palm m130 and a CreativeLabs Webcam.

My headache:  The CNR AC97 modem.  Works fine with cu and minicom. 
Freezes with PPP.


Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
>  My thanks to everyone who replied to this subject. Lots of good ideas, 
> I'll definitely put some of them to use.
>  Here a few more notes on what I plan to do :
>        Red Hat (Fedora?) or Mandrake install
>        totally GUI for the user
>        Crossover stuff (thanks for the reminders!)
>        And here's what they have for peripherals :
>        a scanner, not sure what kind
>        an HP printer (610C ? 810C ? I'll find out later... )
>  Things they need to do include :
>        Web browsing
>        print from Web (color, b&w)
>        on-line banking via Web browser (I'm afraid IE may be required, 
> don't know though)
>        print from file manager (color, b&w)
>        operate scanner
>        basic image editing
>  Their net connection is DSL through SBC/Yahoo. I don't expect problems 
> with that, I had the same connectivity at my old
> apartment, no problems with various Linux distros.
>  They don't have games installed, they don't really run any apps beyond 
> the browser. My only concern is wrt the on-line
> banking requirements. Does anyone here do on-line banking via a Linux 
> browser ?
> Best regards,
> == dp

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