[linux-audio-user] Re: Is the Linux desktop really here ?

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Banking is usually not a problem.  There are a few banks that screwed up and went Micro$oft specific but if you load Crossover you'll get Internet Exploder anyway.


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  My thanks to everyone who replied to this subject. Lots of good ideas, 
I'll definitely put some of them to use.

  Here a few more notes on what I plan to do :

        Red Hat (Fedora?) or Mandrake install
        totally GUI for the user
        Crossover stuff (thanks for the reminders!)
  And here's what they have for peripherals :

        a scanner, not sure what kind
        an HP printer (610C ? 810C ? I'll find out later... )

  Things they need to do include :

        Web browsing
        print from Web (color, b&w)
        on-line banking via Web browser (I'm afraid IE may be required, 
don't know though)
        print from file manager (color, b&w)
        operate scanner
        basic image editing

  Their net connection is DSL through SBC/Yahoo. I don't expect problems 
with that, I had the same connectivity at my old
apartment, no problems with various Linux distros.

  They don't have games installed, they don't really run any apps beyond 
the browser. My only concern is wrt the on-line
banking requirements. Does anyone here do on-line banking via a Linux 
browser ?

Best regards,

== dp

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