[linux-audio-user] Re: Is the Linux desktop really here?

Anthony DiSante orders at nodivisions.com
Mon Dec 8 15:15:54 EST 2003

Dave Phillips wrote:
> tim hall wrote:
>> PS: Watching my nine-year old and various friends use my system, I'd 
>> say the Linux Desktop for casual users is here, given the availability 
>> of technical support. IMX it's the configuration that is difficult, 
>> not the installation & usage.
> Hi Tim:
>  A few days ago I wrote to the list and recounted a story about setting 
> up a Windows 2000 system for some
> very non-computer-savvy friends of mine. Well, that saga knows no end: I 
> had to go to their house yesterday
> and get it going for them again. It's true that they are *really* in the 
> dark about their machine, but it's got so
> ridiculous that I've decided on a new plan. I'm going to set up a Linux 
> box for them and see how they do with it.
> These people do very little else but use a Web browser (what they call 
> "the computer") so I want to see just how
> hard or easy it would be for them to use a modern Linux system. It'll be 
> an interesting experiment, and if I have to deal
> with the system at least it will be a real OS with real tools and the 
> real possibility of actually fixing it if it breaks.
> Win2K is nice, but what a vacant system ! I can't believe people have 
> paid so much and received so little in return
> for their money.
>  Anyway, if this experiment works I'll report back to this group. The 
> folks using this box aren't music/sound people,
> but I do plan on setting up XMMS, RealPlayer, and possibly xine or 
> Mplayer for on-line video feeds. Let me know if
> you have any suggestions for making it as easy as possible for them to use.

My biggest suggestion is to install and run an ssh server and a VNC server 
on it, so you can fix things for them remotely.  VNC is also handy for 
showing them how to do things while you're on the phone with them, because 
you're looking at the same screen and using the same keyboard/mouse that 
they are.  It's been invaluable to me for working on my mom's PC from 170 
miles away.


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