[linux-audio-user] Re: tapiir

Maarten De Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Mon Dec 8 16:46:35 EST 2003

> and thanks for your reply. I am glad that a higher level of control is
> on the agenda for Tapiir, as I only think it would expand its
> functionality immensely.

Note that it has been on the agenda for a loooong time now :-)
But somebody explicitely asking for a feature is always good

> I am xposting to the PD list, where others might have a great interest
> in this...

I should get on that list anyway.

> However, some solutions in PD and its close friends exist already. I
> would advise you to look at netsend [native PD object, udp or tcp
> flavors] and OSC [Open Sound Control: cross-platform, 3rd party protocol
> for sharing data implemented in CuBase, PD, Max/MSP, Reaktor and
> others]. I think espcially OSC would be *very* interesting for Tapiir,
> considering how easy it may become to use Linux sound apps under Mac OS
> X in the future.

I am not familiar with OSC. netsend might be easier. What kind of input
does it take?

About writing an external PD object: the processing core of tapiir is
really small, and it would be a piece of cake to make an external PD
object out of it. But I suppose that you are especially interested
in keeping the tapiir GUI, right?


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