[linux-audio-user] Skipping audio output?

Allan Wind allanwind at lifeintegrity.com
Mon Dec 8 17:34:35 EST 2003

On 2003-12-06T11:24:21-0500, Anthony DiSante wrote:
> When I'm running an audio app like XMMS to play music, the sound skips 
> somewhat frequently (maybe 5 times in the course of an album).  That's with 
> no load on the system, and nothing using the processor heavily.  However if 
> I do something that peaks the CPU (like dragging a window around really 
> fast), this also causes the sound to skip immediately.

I am quite sure that xmms blocks on something in its gui, for instance,
if I click (and hold) the background it will stop playing after a little
while.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything better than
xmms and I tried most of the stuff prepackaged in Debian.

Allan Wind
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