[linux-audio-user] trying to midiconfig still

Kevin Ryan airplays55 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 10 00:12:29 EST 2003

Ok, I'm still trying to find out how to configure the
midiports of my Knoppix 3.3 system (how to find out
what the input/output device is in /dev)

And trying to see if my driver is Alsa or OSS.

There is no aconnect or kaconnect command.
No /dev/snd or /dev/sndstat or /proc/asound.

relevant entries from lsmod command are:
sb           7796  
sb_lib      33550  [sb]
uart401      6052  [sb_lib]
sound       55276  [sb_lib uart401]
soundcore    3428  [sb_lib sound]

I didn't see anything relevant out of the long
/etc/modules.conf (if I need to post something
specific there, let me know...)

Help anyone? thanks...

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