[linux-audio-user] Core-Sound PDAudio-CF [for laptop?]

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Thu Dec 11 12:16:56 EST 2003

derek holzer wrote:

> Curious about the use of this PDAudio-CF card under laptops. Dave 
> Phillips is the website's "poster boy" for this, and I thought maybe 
> he or somebody else that has checked it out could post an evaluation 
> for it here. I am considering it as the Hi-res soundcard for a Pismo 
> Powerbook running Gentoo, primarily because it seems cheaper than 
> getting another cardbus HDSP...

Hi Derek:

  I tested the card with an HP Omnibook 4150. The digital input came 
from the SPDIF output from an SBLive in my desktop machine. I used 
ecasound for recording, the OS was tuned for low-latency, and the 
recordings were flawless. Alas, my laptop died recently and I haven't 
been able to test the card further, but I don't hesitate recommending 
it. Btw, I did have to get a CF to PCMCIA adapter and an appropriate 



== dp

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