[linux-audio-user] ALSA -> OSS DSP question

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Thu Dec 11 13:41:42 EST 2003


I posted on this list a while ago, but still couldn't resolve one of my 
problems. I have a Dela 1010LT card, which works nice with the envy24 
ALSA driver. What I want to achieve is to record from this soundcard 
through the OSS interface. I've been experimenting with /etc/asound.conf 
and the aoss utility, but to no avail.

Basically what I want to achieve is to have a two channel /dev/dsp 
device, which corresponds to adc 3&4 on the Delta card. in 
/etc/asound.conf I have:

# adcdac 3&4
pcm.channel2 {
         type plug
         ttable.0.2 1
         ttable.0.3 1
         slave.pcm ice1712

which works nice when I use arecord -D channel2 ...

now, what I want to work is something following:

aoss sox -t ossdsp -r 44100 -c 2 -w /dev/dsp0 -t wav tmp.wav

but no matter how I try to generate a pcm.dsp0 section in 
/etc/asound.conf, what I record is total silence :(

as far as I understand, I need a pcm.dsp0 section, which would describe 
the /dev/dsp0 features. what I tried, among others is:

pcm.dsp0 {
         type plug
         slave.pcm "channel2"

but this doesn't work. (it may be a problem that there is actually an 
OSS-driven /dev/dsp0 in the system. but setting pcm.dsp1 didn't work, it 
gave me non-existent device errors) can someone give me hints on setting 
up a proper pcm.dsp0 section?

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