[linux-audio-user] ALSA -> OSS DSP question

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Fri Dec 12 10:23:18 EST 2003

> > Actually, using Audacity/OSS with OSS emulation over ALSA we've
> > recorded with 8 inputs and 2 outputs using a Delta 1010.
> > (Audacity doesn't support more than 2 outputs in version 1.1.3,
> > but it does support up to 16 inputs in theory.)
> and how did you manage to set it up?

Standard Mandrake 9.1 install, simple .asoundrc listing the Delta 1010 
as first card and an SB Live as second card, then point Audacity to 
/dev/dsp and click the record button.  

I have noticed that Audacity works best for this in 48KHz mode, where 
we could record 8 inputs for long periods of time without any track 
sync problems. At 44.1 KHz we can reliably record 6 inputs 
simultaneously, but recording 8 inputs causes some quirks after a 
minute or two. 

This is probably due to Audacity rather than ALSA - I should point out 
that the Audacity team was only working with a four input USB 
soundcard when they designed the multichannel support, and I think 
they were more suprised than I was when 8 channels worked via OSS 



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