[linux-audio-user] Sounds Expo in the UK

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 03:56:09 EST 2003


Daniel, great stuff.

I'm producing slide presentation for the Jan 15, 2004
NAMM show at Anahiem, California. This presentation is
for a commercial product but a fair portion of it
focuses on LAD/LAU, GPL. The angle is why Open Source
produces quality software and why it's a good
investment for end users and commercial interests.

I would be interested in reading a document that
describes what this community considers appropriate
commercial usage and ideal participation between
business interests and the LAD/LAU community. I
imagine it could be a brief document. This is a topic
I need to discuss at NAMM. Whether any Open Source
community should write such a document isn't entirely
clear to me--Open Source licenses are their for a
reason. Perhaps it's best if I write something based
on my interpretations.

I think it's good that Linux Audio will be represented
at the Sounds Expo. It seems like an interesting time
to begin presenting LAD/LAU and carefully defining and
presenting the spirit of this community.

Ron Parker

--- Daniel James <daniel at mondodesigno.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Please forward this to all relevant lists.
> I've negotiated with the organisers of Sounds Expo
> 2004 (a studio 
> technology trade show taking place near London,
> England, 10th to 12th 
> February) to have a Linux audio and music stand.
> http://www.sounds-expo.co.uk/index2.php
> This will be a non-commercial stand demonstrating
> Linux audio systems 
> and offering free advice from Linux experts.
> What we need now are:
> 1. Firm commitments from people who can travel to
> London on these 
> dates and offer help on the stand (doesn't have to
> be all three 
> days). You need not be an expert, as you won't be on
> the stand on 
> your own - a Linux audio user who is confident to
> talk about their 
> experience would be great. If you can bring hardware
> that would be a 
> bonus.
> 2. Offers of sponsorship for the stand - we will
> need to cover venue 
> expenses, as we can't expect the organisers of the
> event to subsidise 
> the stand. 
> I believe this is the first time that an event of
> this type will have 
> a Linux stand, and I think it's really important to
> get the software 
> in front of a specialist audio (but non-Linux)
> audience.
> Cheers
> Daniel

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