[linux-audio-user] Syncing Ardour and Rosegarden (or Muse)

Tom Hemba tomhemba at bigfoot.com
Sun Dec 14 21:42:40 EST 2003

John Williams wrote:

>I would like to set up synchronisation of ardour
>(ardour-0.9beta9-1.rhfc1.ccrma) and rosegarden
>(rosegarden4-0.9.5-1.rhfc1.ccrma) on Fedora.  I have tried _many_
>combinations of setting ardour and rosegarden as slave and master, and
>using MIDI or jack master/slave systems.  No joy.
>It is possible?  And if so, how?
Synchronisation is a hot topic for me as well.  As far as I understand 
it, if you want to sync 2 programs your best bet is to use jack 
master/slave.  Ardour currently syncs with jack.  In other words, after 
making the proper settings in Ardour and you press play in Ardour you 
can see the jack transport move as well - which to me is a sign of great 
hope.  I have heard that the CVS version of Hydrogen also syncs with 
jack.  I have read in the MusE list that they have got it working as 
well since the last stable release (0.6.2) - so it's possible that if 
you tried the CVS version it would work - although there are 2 different 
development trees and I don't know which one you should try.  I don't 
know about the status of Rosegarden.  Anyways - In summary it is getting 
really close.  I'd love to hear if you make any further progress.  Also 
if anyone else has better information please correct me. 

Thomas Hemba

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