[linux-audio-user] Cooledit substitutes?

Andrew Gaydenko a at etver.com
Mon Dec 15 11:34:42 EST 2003


Do these words - "Audacity seems to work well..." - mean, there are
successful stories in using Audacity with jack server? I have tried both
(Audacity-1.2 and PortAudio-19) from CVS, replacing PortAudio lib while building
Audacity, without any success.


======= On Mon December 15 2003 17:26, John Bleichert wrote: =======
On Sat, 13 Dec 2003, Larry Troxler wrote:
> Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Cooledit substitutes?
> Inspired by this thread, I did a quick lookup of Audacity,
> and it appears that there is no Jack support.
> Anyone? Is this right?
> I realize that the developer seems to be working in a Microsoft environment
> - hence Jack support isnt' a big priority. However, I suppose we should be
> thankfull that this thing runs in Linux at all - I don't remember off-hand
> what GUI Audacity uses, but I'm thankfull at least that portability to
> Linux was kept in mind.
> Nevertheless - until it has Jack support I'm not going to bother with it.
> Sorry.
> Larry

Actually, I think it's being actively developed on OSX and Linux with a
Windows port, but I could be wrong. Audacity seems to work well of you
follow the Wiki build instructions to get it to build with Portaudio and
to use Jack.

I've only just gotten my studio back together and hope to start beating on
it soon. In any event, the OSS emulation layer in ALSA works pretty well
with Audacity, not much lag when capturing all 4 channels from my Delta44.
Perhaps you should give it a shot?

// John Bleichert
// syborg at earthlink.net

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