[linux-audio-user] Capturing/Recording streaming audio

roger roger at eskimo.com
Mon Dec 15 15:20:24 EST 2003

Ah! This is exactly what I was looking for!  and the command set to code
directly into ogg!  woohoo! ;-)

Thanks, I'll add this stuff to my "nifty commands file" && give it a

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 02:32, Emiliano Grilli wrote:
> domenica, 14 dicembre 2003 alle 20:49:37, roger ha scritto:
> > I would like to know if there's a tool that will capture/record
> > streaming audio links.
> This is how I do it (to listen and capture it at the same time):
> # start jack
> jackstart -d alsa -d default
> # start alsaplayer to play the stream (a jazz radio, in this case)
> alsaplayer -i text -o jack -s jazz
> # start ecasound to record directly in ogg format
> ecasound -i:jack_auto,jazz -o:jazz-radio.ogg
> HTH ciao


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