[linux-audio-user] Syncing Ardour and Rosegarden (or Muse)

John Williams jwilliams at business.otago.ac.nz
Mon Dec 15 16:35:25 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 07:43, Jack O'Quin wrote:
> John Williams <jwilliams at business.otago.ac.nz> writes:
> > I'm not sure what you're asking.  I merely want to use ardour to tell
> > muse, rosegarden or even hydrogen to:
> > 
> > (1) Start
> > (2) Stop
> > (3) Rewind
> Recent versions of ardour will issue these commands.  
Yes, that works for me.

> Hydrogen and ecasound will follow these commands.  

Are you referring to MMC or Jack transports?  I have tried getting
hydrogen (hydrogen-0.8.0-1.rhfc1.ccrma) to slave to ardour with no
success.  Would you mind giving details on how you accomplished this



John Williams
Department of Marketing
Otago University
Dunedin, New Zealand

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