[linux-audio-user] adat sync/ardour - resend

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Tue Dec 16 13:00:35 EST 2003

I'm always forgetting bout the plain text/html message thing!

hello all! :) thought I'd cross post this note I just sent to ardour-users

hello - someone mentioned recently getting ardour to work with ADAT sync - I
think it was beta 8 and any alsa 1.0

I can't find the thread - anyway I'm wondering about that - anybody else
have success there?

I'm trying to do that very thing but I'm not having luck - don't know why
yet - I'm trying with:

ALSA 1.0blahblah.rc2
ardour 0.9beta9
sound card:  RME HDSP 9652
ADAT source is actually an Emu Darwin

I set ardour's sync source to "ADAT" in the options window, and expect to be
able to play darwin and have ardour pick up, but no suck luck.  I don't know
if I need to do something else.  I also don't know if the sound card's ADAT
sync is supposedly working.  I read something back in August about the ADAT
sync on the 9652 being troublesome...

anyone have any thoughts?

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