[linux-audio-user] Ardour and Hydrogen sync through Jack!!

Tom Hemba tomhemba at bigfoot.com
Tue Dec 16 23:07:39 EST 2003

Ahh what a glorious sight!  I got Ardour and Hydrogen to sync using Jack 
transport.  Here's the setup I used:

jack-audio-connection-kit 0.92.0-0.cvs.1.rh90.ccrma
ardour 0.9beta9-1.rh90.ccrma
hydrogen 0.8.1 (just updated at Planet CCRMA by Fernando today)

In Hydrogen preferences Audio driver was set to Jack and Jack Transport 
Slave was checked on.
In Ardour sync source was set to Jack.  Jack time master and Jack 
transport master were both checked.

When I press play in Ardour: Jack + Ardour + Hydrogen all move and both 
Hydrogen and Ardour sound.

When I press play in Jack all move, Hydrogen sounds, but Ardour doesn't 
make a peep.

Hydrogen works in both song mode and pattern mode.  But note that when 
Hydrogen is in pattern mode it always starts the pattern from the 
beginning no matter what position in a measure Ardour is at.

Moving the Ardour transport (i.e. rewind or fast forward) moves the 
position in Hydrogen (in song mode) and Jack as well - so if you use 
Hydrogen in pattern mode you get a clean sync between the two!

Well, just thought I'd pass on the news. :-)

Thomas Hemba

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