[linux-audio-user] Terratec EWS88MT (envy24) problem

Ben Cochez ben.cochez at spacechecker.com
Thu Dec 18 04:09:43 EST 2003


I have a Terratec EWS88MT soundcard, and I want to control it via a
console interface. Many users with this card use the envy24control
program (which does it job) but that's no option for me since X is not
available on that machine...

Alsamixer lists all the channels, but has some problems outputting sound
to all the eight channels. If I send some signal to all the eight
channels i'm only getting sound output on two or three of them... I'm
using v0.9.8 of the libraries, drivers and utilities.

I've tried aumix, but that mixer doesn't show the channels I need...

Any advice what to do next?



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