[linux-audio-user] some notes regarding sync (JACK, MTC) under Linux

James Stone stone1 at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 18 10:54:04 EST 2003

>    MusE and Rosegarden don't yet work with the JACK transport, but 
> that's not news. However, I did sync MusE to external MTC and it worked 
> very nicely. I thought I had been able to do the same thing internally 
> with the ALSA virmidi module, but upon sober reflection it appears I was 
> smoking bad crack. Am I correct in assuming it's not possible to send 
> MTC over the virtual MIDI connection ?

You can sync Muse to Ardour via virmidi sending MMC from Muse. Very
limited but okay for start/stop recording.. Muse is master in this


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