[linux-audio-user] USB Audio Problems

Mark Williams (MWP) mwp at internode.on.net
Thu Dec 18 12:09:30 EST 2003

> Hallo,
> Mark Williams (MWP) hat gesagt: // Mark Williams (MWP) wrote:
> > Ok, i un-selected the "USB Audio Driver" in the USB devices menu,
> > and left the ALSA USB driver turned on.  After a recompile, reboot,
> > im still having the same problems :(
> Well, then we need the usual: 

Im now using the final 2.6.0 kernel.
Problem is still there though.

> * How exactly do you try to play sound? 

ogg123, mpg123.
I dont have X installed.

> * What does your modules-configuration look like? 

Dont have any, all compiled into the kernel.

> * Did you try with aplay? 

Yep, same problem.

> * Does your card show up in /proc/asound/cards or wherever such things are shown
> on 2.6? 

Im complied for OSS USB sound ATM, so i cant list the info now.
Ill reply again after a recompile with ALSA USB.

> * maybe more info.

Um, the only thing i can think of thats relivant is that the motherboard is a Asus P3V4X.

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