[linux-audio-user] Reliable archival of recordings

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki rzewnickie at rfa.org
Thu Dec 18 15:49:19 EST 2003

I got a bunch of 120G drives a few months ago for $80 each. Still $160
for a pair, but, less than $200. If you haven't already checked it
out: www.pricewatch.com is a good place to shop.

As far as protecting data ... My solution is to have one data disk
on my audio box and mirrored drives on my file server. This is, of
course, more expensive and a second box to maintain. I had thought 
about mirrored drives on my workstation, but that doesn't protect me 
from user error, i.e. accidentally deleting a file I didn't mean to. 
The file server is a fairly new thing for me, but so far I did one 
full scp from my workstation's audio drive to mirrored 120G drives on 
the file server a week ago. My plan is to set up a nightly rsync job on
my workstation to move any new stuff to the file server.

Hope this helps. Backups are important. Many years ago, before I became
a linux user, I lost a half finished orchestration for wind ensemble of 
a ~30 minute composition I was working on in Finale on my Mac when the 
drive failed catastrophically.  

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 02:35:37PM -0500, Ross Vandegrift wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> 	I'm currently looking into a computer upgrade, including new
> disks.  As everyone here knows, more space is well worth it.
> Unfortunately, money isn't unlimited ::-(.
> 	Previously, I've always kept my disks in mirrored pairs to
> ensure the death of one disk didn't cost me any data.  But looking
> around, I'm not sure if I wanna spring the $200 for a pair of 120G+
> drives.  But we all know I'll regret getting something smaller.
> 	Does anyone here have some other clever solutions to getting
> reliable archives of recordings?  My ardour sessions, even for demos
> quickly outpace what will reasonable fit on to CDs.  DVD burners are
> still way out of my price range.  I'm plum out of ideas.
> Thanks for any tips!
> -- 
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