[linux-audio-user] Slightly OT

Jan "Evil Twin" Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sat Mar 1 13:59:14 EST 2003

	I know that there are quite a few musicians on this list so I thought
they might be interested in this (if they didn't already know about it).

	I was reading an article yesterday (I don't remember where) that was
talking about the BSA fining businesses for unlicensed software.  Lo and
behold, the first business cited (for 8 unlicensed copies of M$) was
Ernie Ball/Music Man.  Apparently they got stung for $90,000.00 US.  The
article stated that Ernie Ball immediately switched to "open source" and
never looked back.  Being a curious person, I sent an email to Ernie
Ball to find out what "open source" meant.  The answer is Red Hat
Linux.  It's nice to see a fairly large music business getting the

	It appears that the BSA may be one of open source's biggest allies.


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