[linux-audio-user] building new machine, couple simple questions

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 1 21:44:01 EST 2003


I'm building a new low latency + preemption patched
machine. I've forgotten how to confirm that the kernel
is running preemptively. It's a command to the effect
of 'cat /proc/something'. Anyone know what I'm
referring to?

Also, can someone point me to docs for enabling/using
a capabilities enabled kernel? Enabling normal user
capabilities for jackd is my objective. I believe
Fernando has this included in the CCRMA stuff but a
quick google didn't find any docs. They're probably
there. Hints appreciated. I'll search LAD
archives...it's probably all there.

Jan, your link to Paul Winkler's Low Lowlatency docs
at boosthardware are brooken.



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