[linux-audio-user] jackd, zynaddsubfx and iiwusynth

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Mon Mar 3 09:37:01 EST 2003

Jack outputs are the output ports on the iiwusynth. Think of them as 1/4"

Physical ports are the inputs to your output power amp in your sound card.
Think of them as your keyboard amp.

If you use qjackconnect, you'll get a GUI that will make this more obvious.
It will show you your sound card ports and your soft synth ports. iiwusynth
hook up automatically to playback_1 & 2, so I get sound automatically.
ZynAddSubFx does not. You must hook it up using qjc to get sound. (Or
possibly at the command line.)

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> Hello again,
> Thanks for your responses.  I got iiwusynth to work with jack by
> passing the
> -j option to iiwusynth.  Now, to quoteth the output of iiwusynth -help
>  -j, --connect-jack-outputs
>     Attempt to connect the jack outputs to the physical ports
> What does this mean?  I am confused as to what are "jack outputs"
> and what are
> "physical ports"
> Thanks!
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