[linux-audio-user] various questions (long)

Levi Burton donburton at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 4 04:12:09 EST 2003

Greetings list,

Thanks again for your responses to my questions about iiwusynth, zynaddsubfx 
and jack; you were all most helpfull.  And now for something completely 

When creating music, there are various issues I run into.  First, the way I 
would like to work is to build tracks within something such as Rosegarden.  I 
use a hardware synth (alesis qs6), and other software tools.  Since I have a 
relatively slow computer, I would like to build the tracks, then record each 
one separately, then composite them with something like ecasound.

My first problem is the recording of the various tracks.  Right now, I use snd 
because it has this record feature called "trigger".  This feature is 
extremely usefull.  My question is do any other software packages support 
this feature?  For those who are not familiar with it (or cannot infer its 
meaning), it essentially just waits until the audio level reaches a specified 
threshold, then starts recording.  I would love to know if ecasound can do 

My next question is one concerning synchronicity of my composited tracks, and 
also of sample loops.  I am not mathematically inclined, and i do in fact 
suck at math.  What I would like to know is if there is (im sure there is) a 
formula for calculating audio segment lengths according to a specified BPM.  
For example, say I have a loop of some recorded drums at 120 BPM.  I would 
like to know exactly how long the audio sample must be to match 120BPM, 
rather then trial and error.

I'm sure I had more questions but I seem to have forgotten them at the moment, 
but im sure this is enough for this particular post!


Levi Burton

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