[linux-audio-user] simple audio apps

jdennett at science.uva.nl jdennett at science.uva.nl
Tue Mar 4 08:11:33 EST 2003


This is a question from someone who is interested in turning primarily
speech recordings from a minidisk into mp3s, and editing them. In the
editing I want do to simple things like fade, mix and cross fade, but
nothing like set up wah-wah filters or what not: the recordings are
interviews and some other "report-like" noises, and not music.

My two questions are:

(i) is there a simple record meter, so that when i get handed different
MDs recorded in different ways, I can see what my mixer settings should be
real time?

(ii) i presently use audacity for my editor, am happy with it (bar its
apparent inability to record mono mp3s at correct rate), but thought as i
was posting, to ask for other suggestions (ie am i just happy in my
ignorance :) )

thanks for any suggestions,

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