[linux-audio-user] various questions (long)

janne halttunen jhalttun at pp.htv.fi
Tue Mar 4 13:23:00 EST 2003

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003 02:57:48 -0600
Levi Burton <donburton at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> My first problem is the recording of the various tracks.  Right now, I use snd 
> because it has this record feature called "trigger".  This feature is 
> extremely usefull.  My question is do any other software packages support 
> this feature?  For those who are not familiar with it (or cannot infer its 
> meaning), it essentially just waits until the audio level reaches a specified 
> threshold, then starts recording.  I would love to know if ecasound can do 
> this.

I guess the closest thing in ecasound is this:

-ge:open-threshold-%, close-thold-%,volume-mode

  Threshold gate. Initially gate is closed. It is opened when volume  goes over 'othreshold' percent. After this, if volume drops below 'cthold' percent, gate  is  closed  and  won't  be  opened again.   If  'value_mode'  is 'rms', average RMS volume is used.  Otherwise peak average is  used.   When  closed,  passing audio buffers are trucated to zero length.


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