[linux-audio-user] jMax 4.0

kevin ernste kevinernste at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 20:13:01 EST 2003

s perfectly), but still nothing.  
> I'm not very familiar with jMax, I'm a Pd user, but
> a guess would be:
> Did you turn dsp-calculation on? Did you raise the
> volume on the dac~
> objects?

Thanks for the note.  

I should have mentioned my familiarity level.  

I am very familiar with Max and PD, and have looked
through the help files on their equilavencies in jMax,
so the patches themselves are OK with correct objects.
 I have also tested with some of the prebuilt

The DAC's are enabled (like PD, there is a toggle
switch on the main window) and I can even get an
oscillator to display properly in the "scope" and in
the "vu" object.

The audio configuration dialogue shows a tab for
audio, but it is greyed-out, though their is a list
for MIDI and the Virtual MIDI stuff I added.  And the
"Console" window (which looks very much like Max's,
actually) does not list any audio system (ALSA, OSS,
JACK, etc) in its init cycle.


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