[linux-audio-user] jMax sound ?? continued

kevin ernste kevinernste at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 9 14:01:00 EST 2003

Hi again -

A follow-up to my pervious note on no sound with jMax:

I have now tested jMax v. 4.0.x (actually BOTH 4.0 and
4.0.1) on 4 separate machines with the same results,
no sound.  On all of these systems, sound is working
perfectly everywhere else, and all show signal within
the jMax patches (ie in a vu meter module).

So, is there anyone on this list who can confirm that
jMax (4.0.x in this case) does in fact make noise
under Linux with either ALSA, OSS, or JACK?  If so,
can you please send along a working resource file
(none of the downloaded version posted elsewhere seem
to do the trick), or clues to getting jMax configured


My setup:

Redhat 8.0 (planetCCRMA)
SBLive! in ALSA with OSS emulation (Jack avaliable)

Other cards tested (on other machines):
All planetCCRMA

1. M-audio Delta 1010
2. RME hammerfall 9652
3. nm256 (Neomagic on Sony laptop)
4. inteli8x0 (Dell laptop)

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