[linux-audio-user] Audio routing software

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sun Mar 9 21:44:01 EST 2003

Kristof Pelckmans wrote:

> Has anyone encountered such routing issues ? Is there any program out there that already does more or less what I described ? Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated !

To the best of my knowledge I cannot recall anything specifically 
designed for this purpose.

I assume that when you talk about using the .asoundrc you are using the 
pcm copy function.

If you have all your outputs connected to the multi channel card then 
JACK will allow you to route to multiple outputs. You would have to find 
a way to name them bedroom, kitchen... though.

Using multiple cards as one is not gauranteed to work very well unless 
their wordclocks can be linked together. If this is not done the samples 
will start to get out of sync and in my experience become unlistenable.

I wonder if it is now possible to make aRTsd use the pcm_jack plugin? 
That would allow you to use all sound apps through aRTsd and JACK at one 

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