[linux-audio-user] jMax sound ?? continued

kevin ernste kevinernste at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 23:16:01 EST 2003

> Hi Kevin:
>   Yes, jMax 4.01 and 4.02 output sound perfectly on
> my system. We're
> running similar systems, the only thing I can guess
> is that you might
> not be connecting jMax to the alsa_pcm_output. Are
> you using
> qjackconnect or another JACK patch bay ?

Many thanks.  I'm glad to hear it is working.  It
looks very promising.

I have both  qjackconnect and JACK patchbay installed,
but I have been trying to use straight ALSA if that is
possible.  I'll test again this evening with JACK

Otherwise, is there a way to specifically load the
alsa_pcm_ouput.  Is their a flag or do I need a newer
.jmaxrc, etc (if so, can you send along yours)?


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