[linux-audio-user] jack connections

Jaakko Prättälä Jaakko.Prattala at Helsinki.FI
Sat Mar 15 04:41:00 EST 2003

On Thursday 13 March 2003 17:05, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> > Hi Frank. What version of pd (+ patches ?) are you using?
> > I can only get 2 in + 2 out jack ports with my patched 0.35.
> > How do you get 4 inputs? Or did I misinterpret your script?
> Use  "-inchannels 4" as option.
Wow. How did I not figure that one out?

> I would recommend upgrading to 0.36
> for serious work. You can for example checkout the developers' cvs
> from pure-data.sf.net or if you're on Debian, just install (or build
> from source) the official 0.36 Debian package from unstable. It is
> patched for Jack. I don't know about the Planet's Pd.
> Also beware: the old 0.35 patch used process id's to identify itself
> under Jack. Newer ones use numbers like pure_data_0:input0, ...
> pure_data_1:input0, ...
> My script only works with the newer versions.
Thanks for the info and tips. Got the planet's 0.36 rpm now (it's jackified).

Jaakko Prättälä
Jaakko.Prattala at Helsinki.FI

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