[linux-audio-user] Which Card?

Jan "Evil Twin" Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sun Mar 16 09:28:00 EST 2003

I don't really think it's worth it.  The Delta 1010 has a nice
rack-mount setup but the features of the two are almost identical.  Let
me muddy the waters a bit more - I'm using an ST Audio (Hoontech)
DSP2000 C-Port.  This is basically the equivalent of the EWS88MT.  It
cost me about $50 US more than I would have paid for the EWS88MT.  The
difference between these is that the C-Port has two, balanced XLR
connections on the front and a headphone output.  I figured that I would
occasionally use the XLR inputs without having to hook up a mixer.  I
used the headphone out up until I got a Behringer HA4600 headphone amp. 
The C-Port and the EWS88MT both use the envy24 chipset.  The EWS88MT has
8 balanced 1/4" I/Os while the C-Port has 8 unbalanced 1/4" I/Os.  This
hasn't been a problem for me so far.  One nice thing about the EWS88MT
is the ability to mount it in the computer.  This is handy if you're
planning on hauling it around for recording sessions elsewhere.  BTW, I
checked the shipping on that unit from KTJ to you and it runs about $90
US - which puts it in the same range you can get it for there.


On Sun, 2003-03-16 at 07:45, Emiliano Grilli wrote:
> domenica, 16 marzo 2003 alle 06:51:42, Jan Evil Twin Depner ha scritto:
> > I didn't realize that they wouldn't ship outside the US.  That sucks. 
> > The only place I could find on the web that has the Terratec EWS88MT and
> > international shipping was http://www.ktjmusic.com/.  They want $449
> > US.  I don't know what they charge for shipping.  I've never used that
> > company so I don't know how reliable they are either.
> > 
> > Jan
> And what are the differences between EWS88MT and delta 1010?
> I think they have the same chipset, but how the audio part is implemented
> on the two cards?
> It's worth for the 150$ difference?
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