[linux-audio-user] envy24control

Anthony avan at uwm.edu
Sun Mar 16 13:26:01 EST 2003

* Richard Dicaire <rdicaire at kritek.net> [Mar 16 03 10:24]:
> I have a Delta 44 card, when using envy24control it shows 10 PCM out 
> channels, when I play an audio file that uses pcm out, all ten channels 
> meters show activity, and any of these channels can set the volume for 
> pcm out. My question, is there a way to disable any of these channels, a 
> driver option maybe? My understanding of the card itself is that its 
> 4in/4out, thanks.

The internal format of the ice1712 chip is 10x12. It's not clear what
you mean by disabling the channels. They can't be completely ignored,
since you still need to deliver data in the wider format. It would be
nice if the envy24 panel only showed 4x4 meters in the mixer.


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