[linux-audio-user] Which Card?

Emiliano Grilli emillo at libero.it
Sun Mar 16 15:55:01 EST 2003

domenica, 16 marzo 2003 alle 07:53:32, Jan Evil Twin Depner ha scritto:
> I don't really think it's worth it.  The Delta 1010 has a nice
> rack-mount setup but the features of the two are almost identical.  Let
> me muddy the waters a bit more - I'm using an ST Audio (Hoontech)
> DSP2000 C-Port.  This is basically the equivalent of the EWS88MT.  It
> cost me about $50 US more than I would have paid for the EWS88MT.  The
> difference between these is that the C-Port has two, balanced XLR
> connections on the front and a headphone output.  I figured that I would
> occasionally use the XLR inputs without having to hook up a mixer.  I
> used the headphone out up until I got a Behringer HA4600 headphone amp. 
> The C-Port and the EWS88MT both use the envy24 chipset.  The EWS88MT has
> 8 balanced 1/4" I/Os while the C-Port has 8 unbalanced 1/4" I/Os.  This
> hasn't been a problem for me so far.  One nice thing about the EWS88MT
> is the ability to mount it in the computer.  This is handy if you're
> planning on hauling it around for recording sessions elsewhere.  BTW, I
> checked the shipping on that unit from KTJ to you and it runs about $90
> US - which puts it in the same range you can get it for there.

Thank you very much for your interest. I'm a bit frustrated. I have a DiO
2448 and I am pretty happy of the sound quality. The only problem is
recording, in particular with jack, because I have to record thru s/pdif
and I get sporadic (but very irritating) xruns. If I launch jack with the
default device this doesn't happen, but in this way I have no inputs (the
s/pdif is subdevice 2).
I also have a Roland SC D70 that recently gained audio I/O thanks to mr.
Clemens Ladisch, but with it jack cannot start at all. I use this as a digital converter for the Midiman.
So I have 2 very good devices but I still doesn't have a good multitracking
environment (you know the program I'm talkin of...). ecasound has given
better results as it can run without jack.
In addition, I am very exited and ready to start using that software
productively, so I decided to buy a new card. They are expensive, and I'm
not rich at all so choising the best now to fit my needs it's very important.
For now I'm searching something used (especially delta 44-66) or if I have
to buy it new, I think I'll go with Delta 44.

Thank you again

PS: I liked your songs ;)

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