[linux-audio-user] Anyone able to run Csound in Linux in real-time?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 18 09:51:02 EST 2003

Dave Phillips hat gesagt: // Dave Phillips wrote:

> Frank, as you can see, this license prohibits *any* redistribution
> unless specifically contracted via MIT. 

I didn't understand it this way, but it seems to be even worse than I

> However, Rick Boulanger recently met with Barry Vercoe to ask
> specifically about a change in the license. Apparently Barry is
> sympathetic but he may not have the real power to change it, i.e., it
> might be more MIT's decision than his (as you can see above, Barry does
> not hold the copyright, it belongs to MIT). At any rate, Rick spoke with
> Barry a few weeks ago and nothing of substance has been reported yet.
> Rick is a good fellow, I know he wants to help resolve this rather
> important issue, but don't hold your breath waiting for a change. 

Yes, this license discussion is so old but it is also so sad. MIT
could make available a good software, but they need to face the fact,
that it is several *decades* old. I see no way they could make any
money from such an "old-fashioned" software, and also Csound is *only*
still useful today because of the work, non-MIT people like j. ffitch
are doing for it. 

So MIT isn't just holding back a piece of software they own, but a
whole community, that they don't own, but they behave like the did.
There lies the real tragic of the whole affair and that is the point,
why every 6 months or so an important developer is leaving the Csound

I really hope, Dr. Boulanger can persuade the MIT to make Csound open
source. I learned a lot from the Csound book, but I'm forced to use
this knowledge in Pd now. (Which I would have done anyway, I guess ;)

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