[linux-audio-user] Which soundcard to buy?

Gunnar Schmi Dt schmidt at schmi-dt.de
Tue Mar 18 16:32:00 EST 2003

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For updating the computer of my father I am looking for a sound card with 
SP/DIF input that is supported with Linux.

My father is a flute teacher and he often records his concerts with a DAT 
recorder. Until recently he used an Atari Falcon in order to copy these 
material onto CDs. However, now he wants to switch to Linux. (He is more a 
Linux user, so all the administration stuff for his Linux box is done by me.)

As the computer does not yet have an SP/DIF interface I will buy a soundcard 
which has such an interface (The DAT recorder uses optical cables).

Our computer vendor suggested to buy a Creative Soundblaster Platinum. By 
browsing through the internet I found a Hoontech SoundTrack Digital XG which 
seems to have all needed features at a reasonable price.

Are these two cards supported (inclusive the digital input)? Does anyone got 
some experiences with these cards? Do they allow the sound data to go 
unaltered to the hard disk (without sample rate conversion, mixing in analog 
input etc.)?

Are there other cards that I should have a look on?

Gunnar Schmi Dt
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