[linux-audio-user] New Machine

Chris grooveman at comcast.net
Tue Mar 18 17:20:00 EST 2003

Hi guys! (and gals).

I am looking into building a new machine, and I want to do some home-studio 
recording with it.  I was hoping that some of you could lend some of your 
expert advice.

It sounds like SCSI is pretty-much a must in these situations, true?  What 
I was wondering about in particular is if anyone has tried anything like 
this:  Setting up a machine with an IDE hard drive to hold the system files 
(say an ata 133 7200 rpm...) and a scsi disk for the dumping ground of the 
audio programs such as ecasound, audacity or Ardour.  I think I would put 
the swap partition on the scsi drive as well.  Obviously I am trying to 
save a little money here, and I am trying to minimize latency.  (I think 
that somewhere around the $2K mark is my limit.)  I am accustomed to using 
multitrack analog units, but digital/computer recording is still extremely 
new to me.

Any thoughts on this?

I would also love to hear any suggestions regarding what disks, 
motherboards, cases and heatsinks people recommend and have had luck with.



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