[linux-audio-user] Distro choice :)

Vincent Touquet vincent.touquet at pandora.be
Wed Mar 19 05:35:09 EST 2003


I'm checking out my distro options for a Linux machine I will use to 
record music and do MIDI with. 

I'm mostly a Debian adept, so I was
thinking of adding the demudi packages to my sources.list, but they
seem a bit out of date (there is newer stuff in sid than in the demudi
specific repositories ?).

Planet CCRMA looks very promising, it even includes a low latency
patched kernel :) (anyone having experience with this distro ?).

Gentoo seems nice too, albeit maybe a bit harder to install.

The most important thing is probably the availability of
music related programs (packages).

Aside from the distro question, which kernel do you prefer ?
I know I need the low latency patches in here:
http://www.zip.com.au/~akpm/linux/schedlat.html, but aside
from these patches, what should I definitely include in the
kernel ? I guess the pre-emptible kernel patch too (the planet
CCRMA distro has it).

kind regards,

PS: amyone got the link to Benno Sononer's (I hope I spell it right :)
latencytest ?

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