[linux-audio-user] Recording live audio

John Bleichert syborg at stny.rr.com
Wed Mar 19 09:00:01 EST 2003

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, Angel Gabriel wrote:
> Subject: [linux-audio-user] Recording live audio
> I would like to record live audio.... quality is not important, what is 
> important is that it is a clear recording. It's a lecture recording, the only 
> output that is avalible, is a monitor out, which comes straight from the 
> mixing desk.
> Are there any recommedations, as to which application to use?? Thanks in 
> advance.

There are lots of apps available for such a simple task (e.g. ecasound or 
Audacity). The 'clear recording' has little to do with the app and more to 
do with getting good at using the app and also having a good sound 

Check out this page for a fairly exhaustive list of apps:



John Bleichert   syborg at stny.rr.com 

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