[linux-audio-user] Devices in Audacity

iriXx m at iriXx.org
Fri Mar 21 04:28:01 EST 2003

Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> John Ouzts wrote:
>> I have also discovered that kmix appears as a gray window without any 
>> sliders or labels. Alsamixer shows one slider labelled DAC, which will 
>> adjust. I also got an error message with says: Mixer device /dev/mixer 
>> is missing volume and PCM controls.
>> Gentoo uses devfsd, so I am wondering if I need to set some devices in 
>> devfsd.conf.
> I don't use devfsd (yet) but IIRC you shouldn't run the ./snddevices 
> script after installing the alsa-driver package. It seems to cause 
> problems.
> Miriam should be able to give more light on this as she recently 
> conquered the problem.

hi, yes thats exactly what i ended up doing... i'm using Mandrake 9.0 
and alsa CVS from a few months back (havent had time / havent dared to 
upgrade since it was working so nicely!)...

its very important *not* to run snddevices on a devfs machine. from a 
clean install of mdk 9.0 i left all the alsa rpms in place (this is 
important too. not sure if they do anything settings-wise but if you 
remove them you risk killing KDE and the knock-on effect of mangling 
X... which is what happened to me, even though i restored all the KDE 

the only thing necessary to do is tar up and then remove all the alsa 
modules from /lib/modules *except* for soundcore of course. build cvs 
and install as normal. *dont* run snddevices.

i hope this will work on all devfs machines... it seems to work well on 
mdk 9 on my thinkpad anyhow....

good luck!



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