[linux-audio-user] min hardware requirements

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Mar 24 06:15:01 EST 2003

Bryan Koschmann - GKT hat gesagt: // Bryan Koschmann - GKT wrote:

> Can anyone give me some input on minimum hardware requirements for single
> track recording/playback? This machine will be updated later for
> multitrack, but right now I have the following to use:
> celeron 1 gig
> 256 or 512 megs ram
> 40 gig or 80 gig ata100 ibm harddrive
> soundblaster live value

This is plenty, plenty. 

> I may end up doing dual pentium 3 866 and 512 megs (or more) depending on
> how my upgrading goes (this is my old machine).

This is plenty as well.

For recording, you don't even need so much CPU power. Much ram and
fast fat hard disks are more important. But even if you do a lot of
synthesis the 800-900 MHz class is quite powerful. I use an Athlon 900
in my main machine a lot with Pd. My new laptop has a Celeron Mobile
1.3 GHz which feels faster but my main machine doesn't actually feel
slow at all.

Of course you can do things, that kill a 1 gig processor but you can
do things as well, that kill a  2.5 gig CPU.

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