[linux-audio-user] Multi Port Midi Interface configuration

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Tue Mar 25 00:00:00 EST 2003

>There is a huge lack of any info here.

I wish it was better, but we're all still learning it seems.

>So my question is, have any of you successfully configured and used a
>Multi-port midi interface with multiple synthesizers on Linux?
>What is your interface?  (I'm specifically looking for 8 or more ports)
>How did you configure it?
>What software do you use with it?
>Much thanks to any replies,

Ok, here goes...  

First, muse works pretty well driving all of the synths through the MTP AV.

The computer is an older 850MHz PIII with 926Meg Ram, an internal lvd scsi subsystem, and external CD writer.  Running the RH 7.3 CCRMA setup off of one of the hard disks.  Also Qua Synth.

On the rack is:

M Audio Delta 1010
Mark of the Unicorn MTP AV midi timepiece (8x8 midi router, parallel port style)
E-MU Proteus 2000
Roland Vintage Synth M-VS1
Roland JV-2080
Mackie CR1604-VLZ Mixer


Kurzweil K2600 xs
Roland A-90
Alesis Quadra Synth
Yamaha EX5
Alesis Andromeda A6


Roland SPD-20 Percussion Pad
Line 6 POD ver. 2.0 --- Schector electric guitar
Tascam DAT stereo recorder
Technics CD player
(2) Mackie HR824 studio monitors

Peavey PC1600x that needs to be integrated into the system as an external controller for linux programs on the computer,  and as a peddle controller for the POD.

Anyway, things do work in linux now thanks to a lot of creative linux programers :)

I'm pretty busy on other things(spring's coming and I need to pay attention to plants and things), so I don't have a lot of time with the computer audio stuff right now. 


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